Go to mito immigration

If you want to use public transportation to go to mito immigration office, this route may help you alot.

  1. From Tsukuba center to Mito Station
    At 07:05 am, bus stop no. 8, at Tsukuba center
    Fee: 1030 Yen
    Ref : http://www.bus-ibaraki.jp/extra/tmliner.html
  2. From Mito Station to Immigration office
    Walk only around 10 minutes


Back Trip
Basically, with its flexibility, this following route is the easiest.
1. Go to Mito Station. From Mito Station to Tsuchiura Station, by Jouban Line
2. From Tsuchiura Station to Tsukuba Station, by bus.


Detail Address:
水戸出張所 (東京入国管理局)
Mito Immigration Office (Tokyo Immigration Bureau)
茨城県水戸市城南2-9-12 第3プリンスビル1階 ・電話:029-300-3601
Address : 2-9-12 Jonan, Mito-shi Ibaraki   Telephone : 029-300-3601


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