My journey at japan’s northest place! MUTSU city

I have been traveling Japan, in almost 4 years during my stay at japan. From the crowd of capital-Tokyo until the silence of-village far away from tokyo. They have their own beauty.

But, for you who want to find the beauty of adventure, tradition, and nature, i recommend you to travel to Mutsu city (mutsu-shi), the northest part of honshu island, Japan. Here, i wrote shortly about my trip, at Fall, November 2016.


Mutsu city is located at Aomori perfecture, the nearest place to Hokkaido island. This city attracted me because its nature (mountain and sea) in the same time. Also, you can see this city still conserve their traditional culture. With warm attitude, rare food, clean air, silent days, rich forest, etc. Good for relaxing!

Let me summarize my 3 best spots of this city. Enjoy!

1. Ooma Saki (northest part of honshu island) 

Mutsu shi has famous monument of “fishing maguro (tuna) with one rod”. Some years ago, it is reported that one fisher man fished a giant maguro, that sold about 4 oku yen, (400 million yen!) taken from this territory. The biggest maguro ever. Also from this place, we can eat the highest quality of maguro. Grilled, sushi, sashimi, soup, etc. There are yearly event regarding maguro fishing, you need to check.

Right beside this place we can find a lot of maguro restaurant, that is very delicious!  From this place, we can see Hokkaido Island. Blue sky that is very very beautiful.

The access is not difficult, only about 1 hour by ferry, from Hakodate (Hokkaido). Thats why, it is better to consider also Hakodate to your travel list!


2. Osore zan (Fearful mountain)

After going there, it is not fearful enough to scare you, anyway. haha The name of “fearful mountain” taken because this place is sacred place, as one of the 3 biggest buddhist temple in Japan and graveyard.

This area contains many unique temple. Mostly like what you can see at Asakusa temple. But this place has very wide area that you can see. There are big mountains with beautiful colour are surrounding. Next, huge lake with silika sand as a beach will make your heart shaken. In sunset time, it reflects sunlight, and shining like gold. (first time i see this in Japan!)

It was a very interesting place, to see the culture with historical spot (tample) and enjoy the beautiful scenary of mountain, clean blue sky, and shining sand together in one place.

Also, just for optional, you can stay at budhist hostel near the temple, if you are fine with budhist living culture, like eating, sleeping, morning-work, bathing with budhist style. For you who do not, feel free find hotel outside this area.

For access to this place, you can go by city bus. Although the frequency not so many, but it is helpful.


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3. Hotokegaura (unique rocks/cliffs)

Hotokegaura is place of beautiful unique rocks/cliffs you can enjoy at mutsu city. This rocks are the product of nature, volcanic process hundred years ago. It is very difficult to find such place in Japan, with very natural state.


Near this place, we can walk around and enjoy the weather of beach. It is clean and not crowd at all.


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